Climate Change

CARE Laos is foreseeing to works under 4 main pillars, in order to strengthen CCA & DRRM interventions, as:

  • Resilient Livelihoods
  • Climate Information and Early warning systems
  • Ecosystems approach
  • Emergency Relief Operations and Recovery

Following CARE Vision2030, CARE Laos is committed to:

CLIMATE JUSTICE (SDG 5, 7 & 13) We believe that everyone has the right to live on a healthy planet. The scale and the urgency of the global climate crisis demands an augmented effort by CARE to promote climate justice to tackle the gendered consequences of climate change and the drivers causing it. CARE knows climate change exacerbates existing inequalities; it has a disproportionate impact on women and girls because of the roles and tasks that they are assigned and the discrimination they face. In the event of a disaster, the risk of death is higher among women and children than among men. However, women are also on the frontline when it comes to combating climate change, demanding justice and adapting to its consequences.

Our 2030 Goal: 25 million poor and marginalized people, particularly women and girls, have strengthened their resilience and adaptive capacities to the effects of climate change and are contributing to the energy transition.

We will not achieve these goals alone. CARE has contributed significantly to partnerships for sustainable development and humanitarian assistance, with an emphasis on amplifying local women leaders and movements (SDG 17).

In addition, CARE’s work also makes important contributions to other SDGs, including reducing inequality (SDG 10), sustainable ecosystems (SDG 15), and peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG 16). We measure these contributions and maintain and build on our commitment to rigorously assessing our impact to learn, adapt and transform our work.