International Facilitator

Marketing Expert – SuPER WE Coffee Project

Deadline: 26th July 2024


The project SuPER WE Coffee, Sustainable Production and Ethic Responsible & Women Empowered Coffee value chain in Lao PDR (Ref. ACA/2021/428-429, here below “The Project”), aims to develop and adopt a more resource-efficient, gender-inclusive and climate change resilient production in Lao PDR and increase its integration in a greener global value chain as specialty coffee market. The project aims to empower the coffee producers’ group of the Dak Cheung District, to increase their productivity and quality of coffee and increase their household income by supporting the establishment of coffee processing centers, planting, and processing techniques for production groups.

Moreover, the coffee production of Dak Cheung District in Sekong Province, has high economic potential and the potential to promote it internationally, to help generate income for the community and raise the quality of Lao coffee products internationally.

The project started on the 1st of March 2022, and it will last 48 months. More information on the project can be found here.

In this context, the Partnership lead by CARE France, needs to identify an external expert for integrating the project staff competencies to ensure and improve the realization of outputs 4 and 5 of the project. Indeed, the project plans to identify an external expert to support the realization of activities under outputs 4 and 5 and work with other parties involved in this project.

Name of service: Marketing Expert

Duty Station: Sekong province, availability to travel in the Dak Cheung District if required or based in Dak Cheung office.

Duration: The service should be realized from August  2024 until February 2026.


The external consultant should:

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis of the international coffee market to identify trends, opportunities, and challenges and facilitate marketing activities to promote the coffee produced by the local stakeholders.
  1. Assess the opportunities for Dak Cheung coffee to gain increased returns from the sale of their coffee from compliance with various classifications such as Fair Trade; Organic; forest Coffee and others. This should include the procedures and costs for Dak Cheung coffee to be accepted. As part of this , examine new EU requirements for de-forestation (Reg (EU) 2023/1115); how this will affect trade of Dak Chueng coffee to EU markets. Provide the steps needed to build capacity of Dak Cheung farmers and ensure these are carried out where suitable.
  2. Identify protocols, documentation, and other steps necessary both internally (Lao PDR) and externally (various trade partner countries ) for the Dak Cheung farmers, as farmer organizations or as co-operatives to trade their coffee internationally. The facilitator should identify steps to build capacity for Dak Cheung farmers to trade internationally and conduct these where suitable.

This aims to:

    • increase in the market share of the Dak Cheung coffee stakeholders within the national and international market.
    •  Increase in  revenue from sales, indicating successful penetration and acceptance in the market , which can be verified from project annual report. 
    • The study might reveal difficulties for Dak Cheung coffee that SuPER WE will NOT be able to resolve in the remaining time.
  1. Working in collaboration with the market expert to facilitate the identification and connections with potential buyers; Develop a strong brand identity for Dak Cheung coffee that resonates with local, regional and international consumers and emphasizes the green practices of the project.

This aims to :

    • number of potential buyers identified, and the connections established with them.
    • An increase in market share indicates that Dak Cheung coffee is gaining traction in the international market.
    • Identify specialty coffee market opportunities in Laos, in the region and in Europe & US
  1. Identify in collaboration with coffee quality and market expert from Halieus, any potential opportunities for the coffee producers’ groups of the Dak Cheung villages.

This aims to :

    • The level of increased autonomy and decision-making power among the coffee producers, particularly in terms of their market engagement.
    • Support the market expert and the CARE teams and other partners in the communication of “what type of quality coffee is expected” (NB : the explanation itself will come from the internal market expert about coffee standards required by the market).
    • An increase in the average selling price per pound of coffee beans and overall revenue for the producers’ groups.   
  1. Ensure a good collaboration during the market analysis with the Haliéus and expert, Partners and the local stakeholders, the LCB (Lao Coffee Board) LCA (Lao Coffee Association).

This aims to :

    • Active participation and contribution from all stakeholders throughout the market analysis process.
    • The establishment of long-term relationships and networks beyond the scope of the current project.
  1. Ensure a women empowerment approach in analysis the market perspectives and opportunities; Train and mentor local producers and stakeholders in marketing and branding best practices.
  2. Develop  branding and packages (including promotion of green practices ) of the Dak Cheung communities

This aims to :

    • Increase the number of women taking on leadership roles within the producers’ groups because of empowerment initiatives.
    • The application of best practices in marketing and branding by local producers and stakeholders, leading to measurable improvements in market presence and sales.
  1. Ensure coordination and synergies with local and international stakeholders to support groups of producers such as PAFO, DAFO, LCA, or any other identified.  Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the coffee industry, including buyers, distributors, and certifying bodies.

This aims to :

  • Have new stakeholders engaged and the diversity of the network that indicates a broad base of support and collaboration.
  • Obtaining certifications for the coffee produced, facilitated by relationships with certifying bodies.
  1. Facilitate communication and share updates on the activities in the field to the International Partners. Ensure that marketing strategies align with green, sustainable and ethical standards, contributing to the project’s overall goals.

This aims to :

  • Having Feedback mechanism and partners’ engagement with the communication content
  • Have monthly updates on the achievement of key project milestones related to marketing in output 4&5.
  1. Contribute to the identification of trade fairs or any promotion activities, at national and international level, to assess market opportunities and linkages for producers’ groups.

This aims to :

  • Support the producer groups to continue engagement and track progress , participate in  relevant trade fairs and promotional activities identified.
  • Increasing the number of leads or contacts made during these events could result in future business opportunities.
  1. Design and execute a marketing strategy to increase the visibility and demand for Dak Cheung coffee globally to disseminate and promote at national level the Dak Cheung model of organization of producers; Support the identification of public funds or ad hoc funds to support cooperatives/groups of producers.

This aims to :

  • Increase the number of distributors and retail outlets carrying the products
  • Increase in sales volume and revenue from Dak Cheung coffee, both domestically and internationally
  1. Participate in the weekly/monthly follow-up project meeting to ensure a timeline update of the ongoing activities.

This aims to :

  • Provide regular and accurate updates provided to stakeholders, ensuring they are informed about the project’s status and any changes.


The expert should demonstrate:

  • Academic background in subjects relevant to market and economics.
  • Proven knowledge and experience of working with smallholder farmers’ cooperative business models and coffee cooperatives
  • Proven knowledge of coffee marketing is an asset.
  • Proven knowledge of international relations and market.
  • At least 3 years of working experience in international project development.
  • English language at working level.
  • Proven knowledge on cooperative business models and coffee cooperatives is an asset.


Where interested, please send a CV and a cover letter in English to: and by (26th July 2024)

Requests for clarification can be sent to the same address: