In order to deal with and respond to natural disasters, on September 17, 2022, CARE International in Lao PDR has successfully provided clothes, food and some essential items to 150 families affected by flood in 3 villages such as, Latchang, Sinxay and Hat nang Villages, Khoua District, Phongsaly Province at the end of last August.
We would like to thank the authorities of Phongsaly Province at all levels for facilitating and providing various information, we would like to express our gratitude to the Kafepa’ Coffee & Cafe, Mr. Fongsamoud Phengpengsy, Lao 5 Dee Meatball Factory, and everyone who has contributed funds to help the community. We would also like to thank HAL Logistics ຮຸ່ງອາລຸນ ຂົນສົ່ງດ່ວນ for facilitating the transportation of all goods to the affected communities without cost.
We sincerely hope that all the families affected by the flood will return to normal soon.