CARE International in Lao PDR met with Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism for the launching and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the Green Action through Media, Mass Organization and Civil Society in Laos (GAMCIL), which will be implemented in three provinces: Vientiane Capital, Luang Prabang and Champasack, funded by the European Union.
The event was attended by Mr. Somsavath Phongsa, Director General of the Mass Media Department, Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism; Ms. Keoamphone Souvannaphoum, Country Director of CARE International in Lao PDR, Mr. Savankhone Razmountry, President of the Lao Journalists Association and former deputy, Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, and the esteemed H.E. Ina Mariulionyt, European Union Ambassador to Lao PDR, and representatives from various governmental departments at the ministerial, provincial, and district levels, including other stakeholders.
The project will foster collaboration with the Mass Journalist Media Department within the MICT, which is represented by the Lao Journalist Association to improve professional skills including the use of digital and new technologies, enabling quality information to be provided to the public through responsible and professional reporting on green development issues and to enhanced knowledge and capacity enabling them to contribute constructively to policy-making, monitoring, and advocacy on ‘green development issues’ impacting communities, including through the use of digital and new technologies.