CARE International in Lao PDR had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Inpone Senekhamty, the delegation of the European Union to Lao PDR, and Ms. Claraa Correze, a representative from CARE France to visit the target area of ​​the Sustainable Production and Ethic Responsible & Women Empowered Coffee Value Chains Project in Lao PDR (SuPER WE Coffee) Project funded by European Union in Laos in Dakcheung District, Sekong Province.
The purpose is to meet and ask for guidance from governor of Dakchueng District to strengthen the coffee production groups, monitor and listen to the report on the activities that have been implemented in the past of the project and the activity plans will be carried out in the future. In addition, the project team also listened to the European Union’s vision for sustainable agricultural in order to apply it to the the project.