Since the ACIS project came to Mr. Xiengonsy’s village, he has acted as the village representative and participated in trainings and meetings to develop a cultivate plan for the seasons. According to Xiengonsy, the project has been helpful to his village. “Now that we can gain information about the weather, things are different. Now, we can make plans on agriculture. We can plan when to slash, burn, do rice cultivation, harvesting and plantation-livestock.” But this was not the case before the project, which Xiengonsy describes in the following way: “Before we observed the weather based on nature and traditional beliefs, those measurements are uncertain and inaccurate, and sometimes the weather deviate from the season. For instance, during rainy season there is no rain or no sunlight during dry season. This effect our agriculture production and our livelihood”

According to Xiengonsy’s, the access to the weather forecast has made a huge difference for the people in his village: “Before the villagers could not receive their crops since they were not able to track the weather information. But now they can plan to cultivate plants.” Xiengonsy still gains metrology information from the project staffs and use it to make agriculture plans for each season. Subsequently, he spread his knowledge on metrology to other villagers so they can plan their own agriculture and livelihood.
In recently, Xiengonsy always follows the weather forecast from Metrology authorities. And when the authority says it will rain for the next 2-3 days, he will inform the villagers that it will not be affective to do agriculture those days.

I am very glad that CARE came to support our activities, especially for providing the weather information and disseminate the seasonal calendar to our village. In the future, our family will always follow the weather information and use it to allocate in our daily activities and I will continue to disseminate to my community