Ms Sompong is one of the active actors in facilitating SRH activities in the community and school. She also works hand in hand with the village authorities in her community in terms of dissemination information and other health activities. Prior the implementation of the project, she mentioned that, “I am aware about SRH however I do not have a deep knowledge or skills about the importance of reproductive health, however this project made me thankful that I learn more information and new skills on Sexual Reproductive health”. As the project commenced, she actively engages in various activities particularly in trainings of Youth Counselling Friendly Service, SAA workshop, SBCC Tool and COVID response. She also claimed that the training workshops have developed her knowledge and skills on sexual reproductive health where she shares the lessons learnt to the adolescents and in her community.

She concluded, that knowing and understanding the health problems with the use of these tools are very helpful in improving positive health outcomes in her community. Furthermore, she claimed that, “The perception of the locals in the community has understood the tool and increased their awareness of sexual reproductive health.” There has been a change in the behavior of the youths, who previously were shy about consulting the health center, resulting in their not using the rooms. In addition, there is an increase in locals accessing the services in the health centers.

During our interview, Ms. Sompong is continually facilitating in the roll out of “Your Life Your Choice” tool to the peer mobilizers, where she coaches and encourages the adolescents to be more active and be not afraid in expressing their thoughts in terms of sexual reproductive health. Her smile and actions influence many adolescents and her community.