The Successful of the Empowered Women for an Equitable Coffee Value Chain Project

This video aims to highlight the implementation successes of the Empowered Women for an Equitable Coffee Value Chain Project, women with the coffee value chain are empowered through strengthened technical and organizational capacities for improved productivity, and women benefit from increased income and profitability in the coffee value chain, and women are valued and

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Women Workload Reduction and VSLAs Activities in Luang Namtha Province (SCALING Project)

This video was created to highlight the successes of CARE International in Lao PDR, which has been implementing Women's Workload Reduction and Village Savings and Loan Association activities at the village level in Luang Namtha Province through the Partnership for Improved Nutrition in Luang Namtha Province, funded by the European Union.

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International Women’s Day 2020

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Meet Keoamphone Souvannaphoum, our Country Director, who will tell you about women leadership! She herself is a leader and wants to encourage other women believe in themselves and rise to any possibility. Together women can inspire each other and be the change in the community!

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celebrating the 30th anniversary of VSLAs and World Savings Day

Join us in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLAs) and World Savings Day this Saturday 30th October! CARE International in Lao PDR has given great attention to the establishment of VSLAs, with the aim of building the leadership capacity of women, especially ethnic women, to help them learn to

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